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S-1367 (Van Drew, D – Cape May) “The Common Interest Community Manager Licensing Act”

CAI-NJ continues to make the case for the licensure of Common Interest Community Managers, and has been working closely with CAI National in refuting the fiscal estimate of $1.2 million, cited by the Governor in his pocket veto message earlier this year.  By comparing the New Jersey proposal with laws in other states—namely Virginia, which has the most similar demographics—we have established that a licensure program would actually cost a fraction of that.  The confusion is apparently coming from the Department of Community Affairs, which seems to be basing their estimate on Virginia’s Ombudsman program, which fields exponentially more complaints than the licensure board.  CAI-NJ is committed to setting the record straight, as this bill works its way through the legislature.

The bill provides for the licensing of common interest community managers and establishes the Common Interest Community Manager Board within the Department of Community. To be eligible for licensure, a manager would be required to complete a standard examination, have a clean background, and demonstrate continuing education for relicensure.