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Homeowner Leaders

Join CAI as a Homeowner Leader member.


Homeowners, Board Members & Community Leaders

CAI is committed to helping volunteers enrich their communities. With membership in CAI, you also get the benefits of the Center for Community Association Volunteers (CCAV). Through this specialized member group, learn about innovations in other communities, access time and money-saving tools and information and have a forum to share knowledge.

Learn about innovations in other communities, access time and money-saving tools and take advantage of opportunities to share information and knowledge with your peers. While joining CAI on your own is important, joining your entire board ensures you are making informed decisions and is an excellent way to help your board members achieve the results, respect and recognition they deserve.

Member Benefits for Homeowners

  • Access to CAI-NJ ADR/Mediation Services
  • Common TrendsĀ Magazine
  • Member Exclusive E-Newsletters
  • Conference & Expo Attendance
  • Chapter Education and Networking Events
  • Board Leadership Development Workshop
  • Online Research Library
  • Print Directory

Enroll Your Key Volunteers Today!

CAI has introduced a new dues structure for Homeowner Leader membership and how you can have up to 15 members join for only $295 a year! If you currently have three or more Homeowner Leader members with a valid membership CLICK HERE to access the registration form to add your key volunteers to your membership for no additional charge.

Homeowner Leader Committee

CAI-NJ has a committee comprised solely of Homeowner Leaders. This committee meets quarterly, promotes the importance of CAI membership and recognizes new programs and initiatives for Homeowner Leader members.

If you are a Homeowner Leader member of CAI-NJ and are interested in serving on the CAVL Committee, contact angela@cainj.org.